Ta Xua tour 3 days 2 nights you cannot miss

Ta Xua tour 3 days 2 nights you cannot miss

Ta Xua tour 3 days 2 nights is located in a commune at an altitude of 1600m above sea level, in Bac Yen district, Son La province. This place is covered with clouds all year round, so it is popular with backpackers like Cloud Paradise.

Unlike most young people who come to Ta Xua to hunt for rattan, many tea lovers come here to… hunt for tea. Ta Xua’s climate and soil are especially suitable for tea trees. Coming here, in addition to the two specialties you should try: Hang Chu rice wine and Tao Meo wine, the Ta Xua ancient Shan Tuyet tea is a highlight not to be missed.

Outstanding locations Ta Xua tour will go through

Ta Xua tour 3 days 2 nights will take you to the following outstanding locations:

  • Mong Vang Village: Is a place with dozens of ancient trees, the largest tree has a trunk that can be hugged by three people. According to our research, the ancient tea tree here belongs to the Camellia sinensis var asamica variety, also known as big-leaved shan Tuyet, which has been growing wild for as long as no one can remember.
  • Fighting Turtle: Located close to the dinosaur’s spine, the turtle’s head is a popular place for backpackers in the Ta Xua mountain range. After conquering the height of 2,120m, you will find it extremely interesting to admire a cliff protruding from the mountain range.
  • Wind Peak: Is a place about 3 km from the center of Ta Xua commune, on Dinh Gio there are a few empty lots of land. Ta Xua peak with its dinosaur spine has long been on the list of backpackers who are passionate about exploring the Northwest roads. From the top, you can admire the surrounding majestic scenery with strips of green terraced fields, looming in the distance is the roof of kitchen smoke leaves, your hands can touch the clouds and sky.
  • Dinosaur Spine: Dubbed one of the most beautiful “cloud hunting paradises” in the Northern mountains, Ta Xua (Bac Yen district, Son La province) is a must-experience destination among backpackers. Here, visitors will admire the beautiful scenery of mountains and forests surrounded by layers of floating white clouds. The winding trail on Ta Xua peak to experience “cloud hunting” is also likened to the “back of a dinosaur”.
  • Golden Purple: Xim Vang in the golden rice season is considered a masterpiece that nature has bestowed on Yen Bai. The majestic and impressive beauty of the terraced fields here makes anyone surprised from the first time they see it.
  • Tam Giac Mach Garden: It is a place where buckwheat flowers spread out in the sunshine, making any visitor captivated from the first moment. Buckwheat flowers pop up in the middle of nature, the green of tea hills or the bright yellow of mustard flowers. The gentle beauty of buckwheat flowers brings gentleness and attracts any visitor when visiting.
  • Live Camel: Camel’s beak is located in the opposite direction of the dinosaur’s spine and the path is not convenient, so it is not known to many people. But this place is an ideal place for hunting clouds with a vast sea of ​​clouds. The nature here is extremely majestic. On clear days, standing on this cliff, you can clearly see the dinosaur’s spine.
  • Dolphin’s Beak: It is one of the natural masterpieces with extremely strong attraction of the Northwest mountains and forests and is a popular check-in destination for tourists from all over. Among the countless wild and majestic mountains in Ta Xua, this place carries strong attractions because of its prime locations, and along with that, the unique design of the protruding rocks. looks like the head of a dolphin.
  • Lonely Tree: The image of a lonely tree standing tall in the clouds of the Northwest sky makes many people excited. The reason it is called “lonely tree” is because here there is only one tree standing in the middle of the cloudy sky, creating a “trademark” of the famous Ta Xua region. Everyone who comes to Ta Xua wants to come here once to touch this special tree.
Ta Xua tour 3 days 2 nights (4)
Outstanding locations Ta Xua tour will go through

Ta Xua tour schedule 3 days 2 nights

Motorbike Vietnam will update the specific schedule when participating in the 3 day 2 night Ta Xua tour as follows:

Day 1: Hanoi – Ta Xua – Mong Vang village – Turtle Head Peak – Ta Xua A village – Wind Peak

5:30 am: The car takes you and the group from Hanoi to catch Ta Xua clouds in time.

6:30 am: The group will stop for passengers to rest and have breakfast at Thung Khe Pass, Hoa Binh, where you can also check in to take photos and admire the pass.

7:15 am: The group continues to depart for Bac Yen via Moc Chau.

11:30 am: Stop for lunch in Bac Yen town, then continue to depart for Ta Xua.

After arriving, you will be given a room to stay at the homestay.

Arrive around 1:30-2:00 pm: The group will take you to explore Ban Mong Vang and learn more about the production process. H’Mong tea

3:00 pm: When you arrive at Mom Dau Rua, you can check in to take photos and continue moving to Ta Xua A Village to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the people here.

At 5:00 pm: The car continues to move to Ta Xua Wind Peak to watch the sunset.

After admiring the last place of day 1, the group will take you back to the homestay to rest until 7:00 p.m. dinner will begin, then the group will go to explore the beauty of Ta Xua at night and you can return. Return to the homestay to stay overnight to continue the journey on day 2.

Ta Xua tour 3 days 2 nights (3)
Hanoi – Ta Xua – Mong Vang village – Turtle Head Peak – Ta Xua A village – Wind Peak

Day 2: Dinosaur’s Spine – Golden Pigeon – Triangle Garden

5:30 am: The group’s car and tour guide will take you to the Dinosaur Ridge to hunt clouds and welcome the beautiful sunrise.

At about 10-11:00 am: Passengers and group will rest and have a meal at Ta Xua.

Arrive around 1:00 pm: The motorcade will continue to take you to Xim Vang, to admire the beauty of the immense terraced fields and then visit the Tam Giac Mach Flower Garden with all kinds of lovely flowers under the blue sky. la.

Until 5:00 pm: The group will take you back to the homestay to rest and prepare for dinner.

At 7:00 p.m: We will have dinner and light a campfire to socialize and have fun, then return to rest and continue for day 3.

Day 3: Camel Life – Dolphin’s Beak – Lonely Tree – Tea Tree Village – Hanoi

6:00 am: we have breakfast together, then the group will take you to hunt clouds at Song Camel and admire the majestic natural scenery here. Then we will move to Dolphin Cliff so you can check in and take photos with this unique rocky outcrop, and continue to Lonely Tree with the beautiful, cool green river that touches people’s hearts.

Around 9:30 am: Our group will visit Ban Be, a famous place with hundreds of ancient bamboo trees, and we will learn about the unique features that create the Ban Be Tea brand here.

Around 10:20 am: After visiting all the above locations, the group will take you back to the homestay to proceed with check-out procedures.

At 11:30 am: The group and passengers will have lunch in Bac Yen town and then depart to return to Hanoi.

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Cost of Ta Xua tour 3 days 2 nights

Service VND USD
Ta Xua tour 3 days 2 nights 4.500.000 184


  1. Full transfers by Limousine/Normal Bus.
  2. English speaking guide.
  3. Water, wet wipes on the car.
  4. All meals (1 breakfast, 2 buffet lunch, 1 dinner).
  5. Cycling activity.
  6. Entrance fee.


  1. VAT.
  2. Drinks for lunch.
  3. Tips for tour guide & driver.
  4. Or anything not mentioned above.


  1. Child under 5 free charge.
  2. Children from 5 to 8 charge 75% for adults.
  3. Children from 9 and above charge adults.
  4. 2 adults only share with 1 child. The second child will be charged 50% as an adult.

Some notes when participating in Ninh Binh tour

  • You should wear sports shoes to be comfortable during the tour, avoid wearing high heels because moving around a lot can cause inconvenience. Hats, raincoats, and jackets can be equipped.
  • The schedule may change if there are weather problems due to rain, but the company will always ensure that the attractions are fully booked.
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera to save memorable photos with your family/friends. The scenery in Ninh Binh is something not to be missed.
Ta Xua tour 3 days 2 nights (1)
Some notes when participating in Ninh Binh tour

If your family or group of friends wants to visit Ta Xua tour 3 days 2 nights tour but still doesn’t know where to go, please contact Motorbike Vietnam immediately, we will accompany you on a trip. full of memories.

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