Yamaha WR 155R Motorbike Rental


Yamaha WR 155R Motorbike is known as a sports bike with a unique design, for riders who like to experience conquering off-road roads.

Yamaha WR 155R is one of the famous multi-purpose bikes in Vietnam suitable for backpackers. The Yamaha WR 155R with its powerful engine and extremely flexible performance helps you unleash adventure on long roads.

The steering wheel is designed quite high combined with Halogen headlights surrounded by a plastic mask. The turn signal lights are designed in a high position to help the motorcycle not be swiped and shape the model to become more stylish.

The rear of the car is swiped high, combined with an exhaust system to help the car easily overcome flooded roads.

Yamaha WR 155cc motorbike
Yamaha WR 155cc is the best bike

Similar to other off-road bikes, the Yamaha WR 155R uses spokes combined with tread tires, helping to create stability and good grip when moving on the terrain.

If you want to rent a WR 155R Motorbike, please contact us via our Website, Facebook or Email. We will advise and support you quickly.

We are committed to warranting motorbikes during your trip to bring you the most comfortable feeling when exploring Vietnam.

Warranty when renting a motorbike

While driving, if you have any problems, immediately call the motorbike rental establishment to avoid unwanted risks.
The procedure for renting a motorbike and warranty is quite quick and convenient.

Warranty when renting a motorbike
Warranty when renting a Yamaha WR 155cc motorbike

Motorbike booking service Yamaha WR 155R

If you would like to book a Yamaha WR 155R motorbike, please contact us directly via Facebook or Email. We can reserve a motorcycle with a payment of a 25% rental fee.

We can do this through PayPal or if you are already in Vietnam then we can pay by card or cash.

Motorbike booking service
Motorbike booking service Yamaha WR 155cc


Capacity 155R
Type Taper sleeve
Maximum capacity 16.49 horsepower/ 10000 rpm
Torque 16.49 horsepower/ 10000 rpm
Ignition system TCI
Gear 6 levels
Fuel injection system Electron
Fuel tank capacity  8.1 liters

Motorbikeviet – Quality motorbike rental place

The Yamaha WR 155R motorcycle rental model here is deployed very professionally. With the customer care and vehicle forwarding department operating continuously, it will ensure the highest level of service quality. In addition, when renting a car, you will be signed a guaranteed contract, so you can limit many risks.
Especially, the quality of Motorbikeviet’s bikes is very well appreciated by customers. Almost all cars are very strong, the engine is quiet.

The store always pays attention to important things such as timely maintenance and repair of the car. This has firmly built the trust of customers in the motorbike rental service here.
If you need to rent a Yamaha WR 155R, Motorbikeviet will be one of the suitable choices. Don’t forget to contact us via the information provided below!


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