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The most reliable and cheapest Yamaha Sirius 110cc motorcycle for rent in Vietnam

Yamaha Sirius 110cc is a durable digital model that has been available in the Vietnam market for more than 20 years. So far, this motorcycle has been significantly improved in design and engine to help you have a great discovery experience.

Outstanding design of Yamaha Sirius 110cc motorbike

In the Vietnam market in 2001, Yamaha Sirius became a highly sought-after “face” right in its first launch thanks to its eye-catching appearance and giving users new driving experiences on the northern mountain roads.

Yamaha Sirius 110cc motorbike
Outstanding design of Yamaha Sirius 110cc motorbike

In the latest upgrade, the Yamaha Sirius 110cc is designed for young customers with a neat look and, bold sporty personality.

On the front of the Sirius 110cc motorcycle, the mask has strong, neat lines accompanied by a set of sporty design stamps.

Yamaha Sirius 110cc is a 4-stroke, 110cc, SOHC single-cylinder, air-cooled bike designed with the most advanced technology, suitable for traffic conditions in Vietnam to help the bike operate smoothly and save optimal fuel.

The motorcycle is designed with 35W HS-1 Halogen headlights combined with sophisticated and modern turn signals.

The front of the car with turn signals is designed to be fuller, creating a feeling of rigidity and solidity.

With the desire to give you a quality Sirius 110cc driving experience, the 17-inch wheels are monolithic with an aluminum needle box to increase bearing capacity as well as aesthetics.

What are the specifications of a 110cc Yamaha Sirius?

Motorbikeviet sends you the specifications of the Yamaha Sirius 110cc in the most detailed way.

Mass itself 96kg
Saddle height 770mm
Length x Width x Height 1.890mm x 665mm x 1.035mm
Distance between 2-wheel axles 1.200mm
Front/rear brakes Hydraulic disc/Mechanical brake (drum)
Fuel tank capacity 4.2 liters
Fuel consumption 1.99 liters/100km
Maximum power 6.60KW (9.0PS/8,000rpm)
Maximum Moment 9.0Nm (0.92kgf-m/5,000rpm)
110cc Yamaha Sirius
What are the specifications of a 110cc Yamaha Sirius?


Rental Warranty

Similar to other motorcycles on the market, we will warranty the Yamaha Sirius 110cc motorcycle for the duration of your trip. Please contact us for more information or full warranty details.

yamaha sirius 110cc
Rental Warranty

What is the service of renting a Yamaha Sirius 110cc motorcycle at Motorbikeviet?

In order to meet the needs of many foreign tourists, Motorbikeviet has launched a motorbike rental service to support customers with transportation when visiting Vietnam. 

Through this service, you will have the opportunity to experience the Yamaha Sirius 110cc motorcycle for a long time at a reasonable cost. Come to you will not be disappointed, by:

Professional Yamaha Sirius 110cc Consultant

We are proud to own a team of professional consultants, with extremely good communication English skills.

Therefore, you do not need to worry too much when you want to book a motorbike rental service at our facility.

Variety of motorcycles

In addition to the Yamaha Sirius 110cc, we also offer a variety of other bikes from Yamaha Exciter 155cc, Yamaha Nouvo 125cc to Honda CB500X, Honda CRF 300L off-road motors,… All are available at Motorbikeviet.

The cost of renting a motorbike is extremely cheap

Compared to other units in the market, Motorbikeviet has extremely cheap motorbike rental rates. With only 7$ /day, you have a Yamaha Sirius 110cc motorcycle to explore on all roads in Vietnam.

yamaha sirius 110cc
The cost of renting a motorbike is extremely cheap

Hopefully, the information that we provide about the Yamaha Sirius 110cc motorcycle, will help you choose the right motorcycle. If you still have any questions, please contact Motorbikeviet.com, we will answer quickly.

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