Yamaha Nouvo 125cc Motorbike Rental


Yamaha Nouvo 125cc Motorbike Rental is one of the scooters that gives you a great ride

The Yamaha Nouvo 125cc is a motorcycle suitable for both men and women. If you are a person who likes to go on adventures at night, the Nouvo 125cc is designed with Projector lights with very good illumination.

Information about Yamaha Nouvo 125cc motorcycle 

The watch face is designed very modern with a white LED backlight, the kilometer part can measure the journey, measure the magnitude of the scooter to help you control your speed on long roads.

Yamaha Nouvo 125cc motorcycle 
Information about Yamaha Nouvo 125cc motorcycle

The storage compartment of the spacious Yamaha Nouvo 125cc motorcycle contains 2 half-helmets and many other personal items, the storage compartment is designed with a lid, helping to secure information and belongings for the rider as well as limit the situation of hanging things when parking the bike in the parking lot,  Avoid being jerked when opening the gas saddle.

The headlights are designed by experts in a sporty style, with a very strong personality look. Proximity projector lamps are mounted above and Halogen lamps are mounted below, increasing illumination. (this design is in contrast to the Nouvo 5, which is an improvement on the car’s styling and lighting efficiency)

The electric stand of the Yamaha Nouvo 125cc  series will increase the safety of the user. You can only prop it up when the stand has been flipped up.

With the Yamaha Nouvo 125cc motorcycle, customers will no longer worry every time it rains because there is a built-in mudguard that effectively blocks mud into the machine and the rear occupants’ feet.

Rental Warranty

If you want to rent a Yamaha Nouvo 125cc motorcycle, please contact us via our Website, Facebook or Email. We will advise and support you quickly.

We are committed to warranting motorbikes during your trip to bring you the most comfortable feeling when exploring Vietnam.

Rental Warranty Nouvo 125cc
Rental Warranty Nouvo 125cc

Motorbike Viet is a professional Yamaha Nouvo 125cc Motorbike Rental. So to give you a great experience, we conduct daily motorcycle inspections to make sure that the motorcycle can perform at its best. 

Therefore, customers can rest assured when Nouvo 125cc renting motorbikes. However, you should also check carefully before renting by:

  • Test a close loop to see if the car operates smoothly
  • Check the brakes on the front and rear parts
  • Carefully check the tire part, neck lock
  • See how the lights, horns, and cylinders work…

Specifications of Yamaha Nouvo 125cc

Cylinder capacity 125cc
Maximum power 7.8 Kw / 8,000 rpm
Maximum torque 10.5 Nm / 6,000 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 4.3 liters
Front lights 12V 55W/55W
Dry/wet weight

 (with oil and full gas tank)

112 kg (SX)

 113kg (RC&GP)

Engine type 4-stroke, 2-valve, SOHC, liquid-cooled
Compression ratio 10.9:1
Locomotive capacity 0.9 L
Carburetor YMJET-FI electronic fuel injection
Wheel size (front/rear) 70/90-16 m/c 48 p / 90/80-16 m/c 51 p
Front lights 12V 55W/55W
Specifications of Yamaha Nouvo 125cc
Specifications of Yamaha Nouvo 125cc

Yamaha Nouvo 125cc Motorcycle Rental Guide

To rent a Yamaha Nouvo 125cc motorcycle, users need to comply with the following conditions:

  • Have a valid motorbike driving license: Users need a motorcycle driving license by the law. Ensure health conditions to operate vehicles.
  • Provide full information: You only need to register to use the Yamaha Nouvo 125cc motorcycle rental service and provide personal information before receiving the motorcycle
  • Deposit: Some motorbike rental companies require users to deposit to ensure responsibility during the motorbike rental process.
  • Price: The price of a car rental is usually calculated according to the length of the rental period and the type of car to be rented. The rental price of Yamaha Nouvo 125cc is displayed publicly, for only $ 7, you have a means to explore anywhere in Vietnam.
Yamaha Nouvo 125cc Motorcycle Rental Guide
Yamaha Nouvo 125cc Motorcycle Rental Guide

If you are looking for a rental place for a 125cc Yamaha Nouvo motorcycle in the North, you can look for Motorbikeviet. Currently, our car rental program has great deals when you travel in groups.

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