Yamaha Exciter 155cc Rental


The Yamaha Exciter 155cc is a popular clutch bike with a unique design to help you conquer any terrain.

Yamaha Exciter 155cc bike rental at extremely cheap cost. The Yamaha Exciter 155cc has been upgraded and changed with many completely new details. You can easily explore and travel through many different areas on the 155cc Exciter bike without worry. 

The outstanding features of the Yamaha Exciter 155cc

Yamaha Exciter 155cc have been updated, many completely new details are changed based on the technologies being applied to a professional sports car. 

Besides, the Yamaha Exciter 155cc still ensures the stability and daily flexibility of a small displacement bike.

This will be the ideal car for those who love a strong, youthful, and equally daring style. 

Features of Yamaha Exciter 155cc
Features of  Exciter 155cc

With ABS anti-lock braking system, it will help you adjust the braking force on wet slippery roads, limiting dangerous wheel slippage to increase the stability of the car when the driver brakes.

The driving components of the Yamaha Exciter 155cc  are rigidly designed to make the braking system more efficient.

For emergencies, motorcycles are equipped with a system that automatically shuts down the engine without the use of locks.

The Yamaha Exciter 155cc saddle is supplied from high-quality materials to ensure comfort.

Yamaha Exciter 155cc motorcycle specifications

Type 4-stroke, 4-valve, SOHC, liquid-cooled
Saddle height 795 mm
Ground height 150 mm
Cylinder displacement (CC) 155.1
Fuel tank capacity 1.10 L
Maximum power 13.2kW/ 9,500rpm
Maximum torque 14.4 N・m (1.5 kgf・m) / 8,000 rpm
Startup system Electric starter
Carburetor Electronic fuel injection
Ignition system T.C.I (digital)
Powertrain type Constant gear, 6-speed / In-gear
Acreage 20,185 mm2
Yamaha Exciter 155cc motorcycle specifications
Exciter 155cc motorcycle specifications

Motorcycle rental warranty Yamaha Exciter 155cc 

You should check the Yamaha Exciter 155cc before accepting it. We are ready to support 1change 1 when having problems.

All motorbike models at Motorbikeviet are warranted according to the company’s regulations, so you can feel secure when renting a motorbike here.

Please contact us for more information or full warranty details.

Motorcycle rental warranty Yamaha Exciter 155cc
Motorcycle rental warranty Exciter 155cc

Where to book a motorbike rental service?

After a period of operation in the market, Motorbikeviet is highly appreciated by many customers for the quality of the Exciter 155cc motorcycle rental here.

We offer a variety of car brands from scooters, and gear cars, to off-road vehicles. 

Not only that, the car rental price list is also clearly listed by the store. Thanks to that, when you arrive, you can know the cost of renting a car immediately and always. Therefore, if you rent a car in the high season, you will not worry about being forced to squeeze the price anymore. With only 7$, you can immediately have a 155cc Exciter motorcycle all over Vietnam.

Yamaha Exciter 155cc bike rental
Where to book a motorbike rental service?

If you want to book a motorbike, please contact us directly via Facebook or Website. We will quickly support you in the fastest way at an affordable price.

Motorbikeviet will be a great choice to provide you with an ultra-quality Yamaha Exciter 155cc motorcycle. Don’t forget to contact us!

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