Honda Winner 150cc Rental


Honda Winner 150cc is the best new model in Vietnam, giving you a great feeling when conquering the northern mountainous roads.

Life is full of unexpected adventures and everyone has their destination. Confidently create long-range attacks and make a distinct mark with Honda Winner 150cc. This will be a suitable companion for all exciting trips.

Features of Honda Winner 150cc

We guarantee to rent Winner 150cc motorcycles at a reasonable cost with a 24/24 service warranty policy, ready to support when the bike encounters any situation.

Honda Winner 150cc is a motorcycle with the following outstanding features:

Body design provides

If you are a person who likes to play sports and show a strong style, Honda Winner 150cc will be the right choice with angular lines combined with a seamless and solid lower body panel.

Features of Honda Winner 150cc
Features of Honda Winner 150cc


Honda Winner 150cc is designed with powerful LED lights

Using LED lights with high-quality materials and turn signals, navigation lights with outstanding illumination on mountain roads are even covered with fog whether you move during the day or night. 

Modern electronic watches

Honda Winner 150cc with an analog clock indicating revs combined with a compact LCD screen makes it easy to see the necessary information such as speed, gear level, and fuel level to make the trip easier.

Specifications Winner 150cc

Below we send you the specifications sheet of the Honda Winner 150cc motorcycle for your easy reference.

Honda Winner 150cc Spec Sheet 
Mass  122 kg
Motorcycle saddle height 780 mm
Maximum power 15.4 hp at 9,000 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 4,5 lít
Front fork Telescopic tube, hydraulic dampers
Drive Type 6-digit hand clutch
Specifications Winner 150cc
Specifications Winner 150cc

Is renting a motorbike expensive?

Compared to other stores in the market, Motorbikeviet is a place to rent Honda Winner 150cc motorcycles quite cheaply. For only $ 7, you can travel all the way to the North.

All price information is provided transparently by us right on the website, so there will always be the most stable price for customers.

In addition, we also have extremely preferential discount policies for you when traveling in groups, with a large number of people.

Honda winner 150cc
Is renting a motorbike expensive?

Why should you choose to rent a motorbike at Motorbikeviet?

We cannot deny the benefits of renting a motorbike when traveling in the northern mountainous provinces. Renting a Honda Winner 150cc motorcycle will help you be more active in traveling between destinations.

We always take care of every smallest detail when you come to rent a car here. Customers coming to rent a car at Motorbikeviet will be impressed by the cleanliness of this place.

Not only are motorcycles cleaned and shiny, but the helmets are also cleaned and smell fresh. Thanks to that, when wearing a helmet you will feel comfortable. This action of the store has received the support of many people.

In addition, the owner and the staff here are very enthusiastic and cute. With our sensitivity and sophistication, we always solve all problems smoothly.

Honda winner 150cc
Why should you choose to rent a motorbike at Motorbikeviet?

 If you accidentally encounter a problem, the garage will do its best to support you and be ready to immediately change to a new motorbike. So when renting a car at Motorbike Vietnam, you can feel more secure when traveling on the road.

In addition to the Honda Winner 150cc motorcycle, we are looking forward to bringing you the most beautiful and quality motorcycles in the future. Don’t forget to follow and contact us soon.

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