Honda Wave 110cc Motorbike Rental


Honda Wave 110cc gives you more confidence and the best experience on the long mountainous roads of the North.

Honda Wave 110cc with outstanding performance but still ensures optimal fuel economy, giving you more confidence and the best experience on every journey on long roads.

What features does the Honda Wave 110c stand out?

Honda Wave 110cc is equipped with extremely bright single halogen headlights, accompanied by halogen turn signals located on both sides and characteristic halogen taillights. 

The analog (mechanical clock) design is clear, sharp, and sporty, making it easy for the driver to quickly check the status of the vehicle while on the move. The basic lock is the same as the old version, 3-in-1 multi-function lock.

the Honda Wave 110c
What features does the Honda Wave 110c stand out?

Honda Wave 110cc is extremely small, and lightweight, only reaching a weight of 97kg. The ground distance from the road surface is also raised to 142 mm, avoiding significant undercarriage. Besides, this motorcycle is equipped with a pair of telescopic front shock absorbers, hydraulic dampers, and a pair of cylindrical spring rear shock absorbers, extremely good hydraulic dampers.

Starting from the idea: that the model is durable with time, reliable on all roads, and harmonious in every line, the styling of the new Honda Wave 110cc is balanced but still retains its inherent characteristics.

Besides, in addition to 4 familiar colors: blue, red, white, and black; Wave Alpha 110 has now added a cool turquoise color, promising to continue to be an ideal companion for all types of customers on long distances.

Honda Wave 110 Specifications 

Vehicle type Honda Vietnam
Origin Single cylinder
Cylinder layout 769 mm
Saddle height Warranty
Policy 8.21 hp / 7,500 rpm
Maximum power Halogen
Front/rear lights 3.7 liters
Fuel tank capacity Halogen
Locomotive capacity 1.0 liters
Honda Wave 110 Specifications 
Honda Wave 110 Specifications

Rental Warranty

As with all of our rental motorbikes, we warranty the mechanics of the Honda Wave 110cc motorcycle in case of any breakdowns on the road.

You should inspect the Honda Wave 110cc before receiving it before receiving it. Preliminarily look through the system of lights, wheels, and rearview mirrors to see if they can still be used, if you do not meet the requirements, you can request a new motorcycle exchange or refund.

After trying and testing the parts, customers can easily make a simple choice for themselves. You can change many vehicle models to suit the terrain you want.

Please contact us for any more information or full details of the warranty.

Rental Warranty the Honda Wave 110cc 
Rental Warranty the Honda Wave 110cc

Honda Wave 110cc motorcycle booking service at Motorbikeviet

To meet the needs of many tourists, especially foreigners, Company has launched a cheap motorbike rental service.

Through this service, customers will have the opportunity to experience many different models in the long run at a reasonable cost.

If you would like to book a Honda Wave 110cc motorbike, please contact us directly via Facebook, Website, or Email. We can reserve a motorcycle with a payment of a 25% rental fee.

We can do this through PayPal or if you are already in Vietnam then we can pay by card or cash.

Honda Wave 110cc motorcycle
Honda Wave 110cc motorcycle booking service at Motorbikeviet is where you can rent a quality Honda Wave 110cc at the cheapest price. We look forward to accompanying you on long journeys in the future. Don’t forget to contact us using the information provided below.

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