Honda CB500X Motorbike Rental


The mighty Honda CB500X accompanies you to conquer every journey on long roads. Contact us to rent a car at the cheapest price.

Combined with the twin-cylinder engine that characterizes formidable power, the Honda CB500X is suitable for novice players or experienced players, for drivers to unleash the experience while still being safe.

Features of Honda CB 500X motorbike

The CBX has an adventurous nature with upgraded suspension and exhaust systems that promise to bring you great adventures.

CB500X features a compact adventure design, with a characteristic upright sitting position, and an appropriately designed motor seat height, providing comfort on long-distance trips.

Honda CB500X is equipped with comprehensive and high-end LED lighting. The light beams are optimized to improve the illumination distance, assisting the driver during night trips. 

Honda CB 500X motorbike
Features of Honda CB 500X motorbike

The 19-inch front wheels with cubic textures enhance ruggedness and traction, giving the driver peace of mind to explore every journey. With a wide steering wheel, the driver easily controls the car even when moving at low speed. 

Twin-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 35KW for powerful performance. 

If you want to rent a Honda CB500X, please contact us to get more details and get the most preferential price policy.

Honda CB500X Specifications


Mass itself 197kg
Saddle height 830mm
Length x Width x Height 2.155 mm x 825 mm x 1.445 mm
Distance between 2-wheel axles 1.445 mm
Ground clearance 180 mm


Fuel tank capacity 17,5 liters
Fuel consumption 3.59 liters/100 km


Maximum power 35 kW / 8,600 rpm
Maximum Moment 43 Nm / 6,500 rpm


Engine type Twin cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC, reactor-cooled engine
Cylinder capacity 471 cc
Compression ratio 10,7:1
Gearbox 6-level
Honda CB500X Specifications
Honda CB500X Specifications

Why choose as a place to rent a motorbike?

When renting a motorbike at Motorbikeviet you will not be disappointed, because we bring the following outstanding values:

Variety of motorcycles 

In addition to the Honda CB500X, the Motorbikeviet store has a variety of models to serve the maximum needs of customers. The company has scooters such as Air Blade, and Sh mode,… and digital bikes such as Yamaha Sirius, and Honda Vawe Alpha,… All car lines work smoothly, without sluggishness. In particular, we always check the vehicle carefully before renting it to customers.

Reasons to choose Honda CB 500x
Why choose as a place to rent a motorbike?

Delivery of Honda CB500X car to your place

Another plus point of our unit is that the unit delivers cars to customers, wherever you are. The delivery time is extremely fast. Depending on the location, we will calculate to offer an appropriate fee.

Extremely cheap motorbike rental price

A prominent advantage here is that the listed price for car rental is very cheap. The Honda CB500X motorbike rental price is $ 50 / day.

Therefore, Motorbikeviet is considered an affordable motorbike rental facility. Especially when renting a car for a long time, you also receive very attractive incentives.

Dedicated support staff

We have professional staff, ready to support you 24/7 when you need. In addition, with the level of knowledge of the northern mountainous terrain, we will advise you to choose the right motorbike.

Rent a quality Honda CB 500x motorbike
Dedicated support staff

If you are fed up with dilapidated car rental shops, you should come here. You will be overwhelmed by the newness of the Honda CB500X and the cars here. All rental cars at Motorbikeviet are very new and extremely quiet. So you don’t need to worry about unpleasant sounds that will affect the people around you anymore

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