Nho Que River – Detailed travel experience in Ha Giang Loop

Nho Que River

Nho Que River – Ha Giang, a northern province of Vietnam, is renowned for its most treacherous mountain passes. Visiting this place, you will not only experience the challenging Ma Pi Leng Pass but also witness the legendary Nho Que River, which has been immortalized in poetry. To help you have the best travel experience, MotorbikeViet shares essential tips for exploring the Nho Que River that you should not miss.

An overview of the Nho Que River in Ha Giang Province

Originating from Nghiễm Sơn Mountain (Yunnan, China) at an altitude of 1,800 meters, the Nho Que River flows northeast, through wild and rugged mountain forests, entering Vietnam at Lung Cu, Dong Van. The river continues through the Tu San Canyon, along Ma Pi Leng, splits into two branches at Meo Vac, flows into Cao Bang Province, and finally merges with the Gam River at Na Mat junction.

nho que river (1)
An overview of the Nho Que River

In 2009, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism designated this area as a Vietnamese Scenic Landscape Monument, recognizing the Nho Que River as one of Vietnam’s unique tectonic valleys. If you love nature and adventure, this is a place you should conquer at least once in your life. You will discover that Vietnam has many breathtaking landscapes that captivate the heart.

The Legendary “Couple” of the Rocky Plateau

From the top of Ma Pi Leng Pass – famously described as “clouds at your feet, sky at your brow,” you can look down at the Nho Que River, which is both serene and wild, mysterious. In the cool mountain breeze, you will be mesmerized by the majestic mountains and waters. Sometimes, the Nho Que River looks like a slender blue thread weaving through towering cat-ear cliffs, at other times like a dragon winding its way through rocky mountains and clouds.

Nho Que River (2)
Nho Que River at the foot of Tu San Canyon

To view the Nho Que River from the best vantage point, tourists often stop at Ma Pi Leng Pass. Despite the 20 km treacherous road, many people love coming here to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river. In addition, there are many other ascinating destinations in HaGiang for you to explore.

Discovering the allure and uniqueness of the Nho Que River

When visiting the Nho Que River in Ha Giang, tourists will be treated to a breathtaking scene where clouds, mountains, and the river come together to create a picturesque landscape. There are many fascinating experiences here that should not be missed.

Boat trip on the river and photography

Taking a boat trip on the Nho Que River allows you to enjoy the scenery up close and capture beautiful photos of the river and the towering cliffs on either side.

Nho Que River (3)
Boat trip on the river and photography on Nho Que River

Check-in at Tu San Canyon

Tu San Canyon is the deepest canyon in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, separating Meo Vac and Dong Van districts. As you cruise along the river, you can clearly see the depth and majestic beauty of the canyon.

Nho Que River (4)
Check-in at Tu San Canyon anh Nho Que River

View the Nho Que River from Ma Pi Leng Pass

Standing on the top of Ma Pi Leng Pass, you can take in the stunning view of the Nho Que River with its emerald green water winding through the mountains.


Kayaking on the Nho Que River is a novel experience, allowing you to stop at favorite spots and take in the surrounding scenery at your own pace.

Admire the beauty of the “Death Cliff”

The “Death Cliff” is a natural wonder at a perilous height. You can marvel at its ruggedness and height when taking a boat trip from below.

Nho Que River (5)
Admire the beauty of the “Death Cliff”

Admire the buckwheat flowers

In October and November, both banks of the Nho Que River are adorned with buckwheat flowers, a characteristic bloom of Ha Giang, adding a delicate and gentle beauty to the landscape.

The Nho Que River, with its mesmerizing beauty and numerous exciting activities, will provide unforgettable experiences when you visit Ha Giang.

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When is the best time to visit Nho Que River?

Nho Que River offers stunning beauty all year round, with each season providing a unique experience:

Spring (January – March)

  • Cool, pleasant weather
  • Peach and plum blossoms in full bloom
  • Many unique local festivals

    Nho Que River (6)
    Nho Que River in Spring

Water season (May)

  • Terraced fields filled with water, marking the start of a new crop season
  • Observe the local rice planting practices

Harvest season (September)

  • Terraced fields of ripe golden rice
  • The landscape is highlighted by the golden color of ripe rice mixed with the green of the mountains and forests

    Nho Que Rive (7)
    Nho Que River in harvest season

Buckwheat flower season (October – November)

  • Vast fields of buckwheat flowers beside the villages
  • Dreamy scenery with small, delicate flowers amidst the majestic mountains and forests

    Nho Que River (8)
    Buckwheat flower season

Winter (December)

  • Low temperatures, with the area covered in clouds, fog, and snow
  • Opportunity to see and touch snow

To fully enjoy a long cruise on the river and take in all the beautiful scenery, it is best to go in the morning. If you go in the afternoon or late afternoon, you won’t have as much time to enjoy the view. Additionally, the afternoons here often bring heavy fog, and it gets dark very quickly.

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Nho Que River (9)
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