Exploring God’s Eye Mountain in an exciting Cao Bang Loop

Gods Eye Mountain

God’s Eye Mountain is a famous tourist destination in Cao Bang province. This place boasts picturesque scenery and unique geological features that create a very special beauty. Cao Bang is a region blessed with abundant natural beauty and stunning landscapes. The climate here is also very cool, making it perfect for sightseeing trips. One of the best scenic spots in Cao Bang is God’s Eye Mountain.

Where is God’s Eye Mountain located?

God’s Eye Mountain is situated in the valley area of Ban Danh Hamlet, Quoc Toan Commune, Tra Linh District, Cao Bang Province. It is part of the Thang Hen tourist complex within the Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark. When you visit here, you will find it surrounded by vast, high valleys with green grasslands, creating a majestic and expansive natural landscape.

Gods Eye Mountain (1)
Geographical location of God’s Eye Mountain

Additionally, scientists have thoroughly researched and documented this geopark, which is the basis for naming this mountain God’s Eye Mountain. Interestingly, the local people often call this mountain “Phja Piót” in the native Tay language, which means a mountain with a hole allowing winds to pass through, creating fresh air for Ban Danh Hamlet.

How to get to God’s Eye Mountain in Cao Bang 

God’s Eye Mountain is about 50 km from Cao Bang City center, making it quite convenient to visit. You can reach this place by motorbike or car. However, for the best sightseeing experience, it is recommended that visitors use a motorbike for transportation.

The last stretch leading to here is exceptionally beautiful but also quite narrow, making it accessible only by motorbike to enter the valley.

Gods Eye Mountain (2)
Travel by motorbike to God’s Eye Mountain

To get from Cao Bang City center to God’s Eye Mountain, you can use Google Maps for detailed directions or follow this route: National Highway 3 (12 km) – Ma Phuc Pass – Provincial Road 205 (heading towards Tra Linh for about 7 km) – Thang Hen Lake – Ban Danh Hamlet, Quoc Toan Commune – turn onto the trail at the foot of the mountain and walk an additional 1.5 km.

The best time to explore the scenic beauty of God’s Eye Mountain

The enchanting and majestic beauty remains intact throughout the year. However, the ideal time to explore here is in September and October. This is the dry season. During this period, the water in Thang Hen Lake often recedes for a few hours, creating a picturesque and dreamy landscape of God’s Eye Mountain and Nam Tra Waterfall. This is the time when many travel enthusiasts visit God’s Eye Mountain to experience and explore its beauty.

Gods Eye Mountain (3)
God’s Eye Mountain in September and October

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Experiences at God’s Eye Mountain in the Cao Bang Loop tour that will captivate you

The scenery of God’s Eye Mountain has given Cao Bang tourism an impressive beauty that attracts many travel enthusiasts. This place promises to become a popular destination for young travelers visiting Cao Bang.

Admire the pristine and magical beauty of the landscape 

Here is located in an area with few inhabitants, making it relatively secluded. Therefore, nature here retains its pristine, pure state and has not been significantly impacted by human activities. God’s Eye Mountain is closely associated with Thang Hen Lake. This pair of scenic spots will offer you the opportunity to admire the vibrant beauty of Cao Bang’s nature. The image of here reflecting on the tranquil Thang Hen Lake creates a lively and dynamic scene that nature has bestowed upon Cao Bang.

Gods Eye Mountain (4)
Admire the pristine of the God’s Eye Mountain

Boating on Thang Hen Lake 

Here, you can rent a boat to cruise around the lake, exploring every corner and fully appreciating the poetic beauty. If you prefer not to boat, you can walk around the lake to enjoy the fresh air and picturesque scenery. Additionally, you can rent traditional ethnic clothing for photos.

Gods Eye Mountain (5)
Boating on Thang Hen Lake

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With its clear skies and vast expanses of green meadows, God’s Eye Mountain is a favorite camping spot for travel enthusiasts who want to immerse themselves in the landscape. In the majestic setting of God’s Eye Mountain and the enchanting, gentle beauty of Thang Hen Lake, you can organize light barbecues and enjoy music with friends. This is one of the “chill” experiences at God’s Eye Mountain that you should not miss. You can rent a motorbike to fully see the God’s Eye Mountain.

Gods Eye Mountain (6)
Camping around God’s Eye Mountain and Thang Hen Lake

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Gods Eye Mountain (7)
Cao Bang Loop is organized by MotorbikeViet

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